Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Combatting the Holiday Season

Excuse our lack of posting for a bit. Dealing with grad school, other charity blogging and brain fog... It gets so easy to put things on the back burner... Do things at you're own pace this holiday season and ensure that it all gets done by the end of the year. Don't drag anything into the new year. Fresh slate. 

So here are some of the "rules" and tips to combat this holiday season-

1) Do NOT overindulge. Remember with the thyroidisms it is difficult to lose weight. There are so many beautiful tempting foods that should be sampled but not in excess. With thyroidism you can sometimes overestimate your food intake not really knowing when you're full. Even if you're a bit peckish, keep hydrating.

2) Take a warm bath. Let the bubbles consume your body. White Wolf uses aromatherapy- eucalyptus tea body wash and bath foam by Bath and Body Works. It eases the joints from winter stress especially in the Northern Hemisphere where we both reside. If you're in the Southern Hemisphere, heat is not necessarily your friend (in moderation, it is to ease the joints) but maybe take a dip in the pool or maybe a cold bath... 

3) Take a walk. Get out of bed if even for five minutes. Plug in your ear buds and put on some good tunes. Take the dog (Or cat? Or rabbit?) for some fresh air and rejuvenation. Explore a new trail, complacency or stagnation is insanity. 

Here are some tunes to rev up the dopamine:
  • Silverchair- Straight Lines
  • Vance Joy- Riptide
  • Cold Chisel- Forever Now
  • The Rolling Stones- Paint It Black
  • Danny Elfman- The Little Things
  • New Politics- Harlem
  • Mumford and Sons- Little Lion Man
  • The Clash- Bankrobber
  • La Vida Boheme- Buen Salvaje
  •  Young The Giant- Cough Syrup
  • Sixto Rodriguez- Cold Hard Facts (Album)
  • Arctic Monkeys-Crawling Back To You
  • This Mortal Coil- Blood (Album)
  • Powderfinger- Odyssey No.5 (Album)
4) Drink tea . First thing when you wake up drink some ginseng or green tea. Energy boosting and detoxing. Chamomile tea before a set bed time so that way the circadian rhythm gets into balance. Throughout the day just drink water and maybe juice, no dairy. 

5) Read a good book or watch a great TV show. After all the household priorities are done, escape for a little while. As of late been watching Game of Thrones, American Horror Story and Californication. Reading 29 by Mary Sojourner, Alex and Me by Irene Pepperberg and Chaser: Unlocking the Genius of the Dog Who Knows a Thousand Words by Dr. John Pilley. 

6) Try to surround yourself with positive and loving energy. Either from friends, family and/or pets. This is vital because there is a significant amount of evidence that points to the connection between hormones, produced by the thyroid gland and depression. In addition, some symptoms of depression are associated with thyroid conditions. And as we in the Northern Hemisphere are in Winter mode the lack of sunshine is a known mood downer and us thyroid challenged need to be mindful of the effect this will also have on our day to day moods. As always, prevention is much better than the cure.

7) Try aromatherapy to boost your mood and energy level. As briefly mentioned in #2 with the warm bath, but try this remedy to your right! ->